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Your business and TBI

So you’re excited about TBI and you want to know how your business or organisation can get involved?

That’s great, being involved in your community is good for business and good for all of us.

The revenue raised from advertising on TBI goes straight to our writers, so they can produce stories that are worth reading. A lot of time and effort goes into making sure each article is informative, entertaining and offers a point of difference.

TBI is a not for profit paper with very slim overheads. The more revenue we get, the more stories and writers we can support. The more stories, the more visits. The more visits, the better it will be for your business.

The Ballarat Independent supports business and community groups in a number of ways:

* Free event listing

* Free classifieds

* Affordable business listings

* Affordable advertising

* Affordable sponsorship

In order to maximise our openness and provide the best possible experience to our advertisers, we are developing information pages especially for you. This information will tell you how many unique views your ad is attracting and which ads are obtaining clicks.

Here's your options:

* Short-term feature ad - $100 for 1 week

* Premium Advertiser - $50/week

* Standard Advertiser - $25/week

* Budget Advertiser - $10/week

* Sponsor a Prize - encourage new contributions from the community by offering a prize. Prize must be a minimum of $100 value and gives you feature advertising for 1 month!

Here's what to do:

Short-term feature ad - send us your logo and up to 100 characters of text along with your business name, a contact, address, ABN (if applicable), phone number and email. We will send you back an invoice and your ad will appear within 3 days.

Premium, Standard and Budget Advertiser packages - contact us to arrange content required and invoicing

Sponsor a prize - send us your prize idea and we can work out content from there.

If you have any questions about advertising with us or you just want to express an interest, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Director: Leon Dwyer

Ph. 0423 720 477