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Musica Botanica

Musica Botanica 1 Author: Categories: Stories, Arts, Music

Local concert pianist, Bronwyn Blaiklock, and Sydney clarinettist, Samantha Kelson Gray, come together for an evening of contemporary clarinet and piano in the Oddie Gallery as part of the Art Gallery's exhibition 'Capturing Flora - 300 years of Australian Botanical Art', which opened on 25 September.

The Boite in Btown Singing a Safe Return Home.

The Boite in Btown Singing a Safe Return Home. Author: Leon DwyerCategories: Stories, Music, Community

Over 1,000 students from regions around Victoria have been collaborating with acclaimed East Timorese singer and songwriter, Ego Lemos (currently in London performing in international concerts that accompany the Olympics). Now Ballarat Locals get the chance to hear this fantastic chorus concert at Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts Sunday 26th August at 2pm.


Matt Malone, singer/songwriter Review Author: Leigh Simpson Categories: Stories, Music

Matt Malone is a singer/songwriter and poet straight from the Pete Seeger mould who performed to an appreciative audience at the Babushka Bar on the 12th of April. Malone played a variety of cover and his own original pieces, including a number of original poems.


Rock n’ Roll Lifestyle @ Eastern Station

Rock n’ Roll Lifestyle @ Eastern Station Author: Leigh Simpson Categories: Stories, Music, Bands

Ballarat's Eastern Station found itself to be the home base of a large variety of bands on the 7th of April under the title of ‘Rock n' Roll Lifestyle'. All in all the large audience was treated to a variety of artists ranging from the folk styling's of Peter and Kristine Allen, ‘The Funky Turtles'

16 Songs to Stop Violence Against Women

16 Songs to Stop Violence Against Women Author: Melissa Watts Categories: Issues, Stories, Music, Announcements

While the international campaign 16 days of activism to end violence against women gains force across the world, Victorians have been marking the event creatively. A hip-hop CD containing messages against violence and promoting respectful relationships has been created and distributed across the country, with the Ballarat CASA branch distributing for this region.

Organ scholarship applications open

Organ scholarship applications open Author: Ballarat City Council Categories: Music, Announcements

Musicians of all ages are being encouraged to apply for the 2011 Balhausen Bequest Organ Scholarship.

The successful recipient will receive a year of free organ tuition from Ballarat City Organist Bruce Keck.


Amie Sexton – Playfully European

Amie Sexton – Playfully European 4 Author: Fiona MorganCategories: Arts, Food, Music

A frolicking tour de France via food.

What do you do if you are a classically trained pianist who can sing, speak fluent French, you don't like to take art too seriously and you have a menagerie of eating tales from your time living in Brittany with - oh dear - 25 creperies and several restaurants to choose from?

The Ballarat Independent on VoiceFM

The Ballarat Independent on VoiceFM Author: Jon StangerCategories: Stories, Music, Community, Editorial

Ballarat's community media are joining forces to deliver you the best content and give you ample opportunities to have your voice heard and your story told. Leon and Jon from The Ballarat Independent had the honour of being invited as guests of Amy and Lauren on their program 'Tinderbox' on VoiceFM, Ballarat's own community radio station. They brought a special surprise of their own, check out the video here.

EP launch return to hometown for Secondhand Heart

EP launch return to hometown for Secondhand Heart Author: Jon StangerCategories: Stories, Music, Bands,

Known as Cellar Door in their Ballarat days, Secondhand Heart will return to their hometown of Ballarat to launch their self titled EP. Secondhand Heart have retained the harmonies of Jess and Lily but have created a new sound of blues infused, euphoric pop/rock with songs that unfold through fervent builds, tension and release.

Getting Civic Hall wrong - Culture and Heritage

Getting Civic Hall wrong - Culture and Heritage 2 Author: Jon StangerCategories: Issues, Stories, Arts, Music, Community, Politics, History

Jon Stanger found so many flaws in Ballarat City Council's plan for Civic Hall that it wouldn't fit into one article, so he broke it down to five. As well as five reasons to reject the current course of action on Civic Hall, it reads as five ways the current Council is heading off track.

Here Jon puts the microscope, or possibly the blowtorch, to Council's approach to culture and heritage.

Art Gallery Portrait Series continues to impress

Art Gallery Portrait Series continues to impress Author: Jon StangerCategories: Stories, Arts, Music

The second in the Portrait Series Upstairs at the Gallery featured composer and master performer of the sheng Wang Zheng-Ting with Adam Simmons. The Portrait Series are four concerts organised by Adam Simmons in which he plays with different guest performers. It is part of the Upstairs at the Gallery music series at the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the first half of the series has been phenomenal.

With love, Shayna - A weekend adventure

With love, Shayna - A weekend adventure 2 Author: Shayna WilliamsCategories: Stories, Arts, Music, Venues

Thus far my column has focussed on autumn fruits, so I thought it was about time I wrote about something other than food. Last weekend I ventured to Melbourne to kick up my heels and have fun with old friends. I also managed to fit in a bit of vintage shopping and a few hours of pampering before attending Miss Burlesque Victoria. Next week I promise to bring you an instructive piece about lemons, but this week I hope you enjoy the recount of my adventures which were followed by a delightfully lazy Sunday.

Dance Parties and Ballarat

Dance Parties and Ballarat Author: Nick Wallis Categories: Issues, Stories, Music, Health, Politics

Wind back 4 years. For anyone who kept their eye on the news, or who attended the infamous Kryal Castle Raves, you will remember a rave party named Ultraworld that brought Kryal Castle's dance party days to an end.
The reason was put down to excessive illicit drug consumption, with police noting that the party seemed awash with "cheap, nasty" drugs.

Noriko Tadano at the Art Gallery of Ballarat

Noriko Tadano at the Art Gallery of Ballarat Author: Leon DwyerCategories: Stories, Arts, Music, Festivals

Noriko Tadano has been playing shamisen since she was 6 years old. and has performed in Japan and Australia.

Her ability to cross over between traditional and modern Japanese music has seen her perform with renowned blues and jazz musicians as well as traditional Japanese musicians. She joins with composer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Simmons who has worked with extraordinary range of performers from different cultures and traditions.

Babushka Bar - a day in review

Babushka Bar - a day in review 1 Author: Jon StangerCategories: Stories, Arts, Music, Community, Venues

It may have been a cold and rainy day in Ballarat, but the fires of creativity were burning at Babushka Bar on Saturday 10 April. Babushka Bar is a new addition to Ballarat, replacing Bar Saloon Bar on Hummfray St North.

Starting with a highly anticipated exhibition opening for Ron McKeegan's visual art, not the talent Ronnie is known for, but if this new exhibition is anything to go by that is likely to change now. Better known as the front man for local bands 23rd of Elvis and 80 Hundred, Ronnie has produced a striking collection of works on paper.


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