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And now, for something completely different…

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And now, for something completely different…
Are mobility scooter drivers getting out of hand?

As we all know, mobility scooters are meant to improve the mobility needs of people with disabilities. They're meant to travel at a top speed of around 10k an hour.

In fact, if you are travelling at under 15k an hour, you are considered to be a pedestrian. As such, you could hardly be called a "deadly pest" on the road.

However, according to residents in Brisbane, some people on scooters are called exactly that! They are hotting their scooters up with mag wheels etc, and they are travelling in the bike lane at around 40k an hour!

Car drivers have been complaining that these grey-power-pedestrians are a danger and a nuisance on the roads.

Adding to the trouble, apparently, is the fact that it is often the friends and family of the rightful users/owners of the mobility aid who are using them. These people are not eligible for a disability parking permit and may not even hold a driving licence.

Ramping it up even further, a young man in England has taken the use of his mobility scooter to the next level.

Although this 24 year old is able-bodied, he "pimped up" a mobility scooter to include a 140cc petrol engine, Go-Kart wheels and a large exhaust pipe. His machine was capable of speeds of up to 96km an hour.

After being reported for "wreaking havoc" in his neighbourhood and "scaring animals and pedestrians" as he zoomed across the fells and dales, his local Council called police and together they seized the machine.

The Doncaster Council has allowed him to recover his vehicle after he paid administration and impound fees and made a promise of not using it in an annoying manner in future.

Are you aware of similar examples of scooter use in Ballarat? 

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