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Ballarat City Council getting it right 3

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Ballarat City Council getting it right
Non-discriminatory Parking Permits from the BCC.

Recently, while out and about and checking that people who are parked in the accessible parking zones actually do have a disability parking permit, I noticed that one person's permit was just the bees knees!

The old "disabled parking permits" issued by the Ballarat City Council (BCC) displayed draconian wording such as "Parking permit for disabled people".

That's just not on! It's discrimination.

No? Well, do we see other permits for "people with great big dorky sticking out ears" for example? Exactly. So it's not OK to define people by their disability or their physicality. We are people, and we are living with disability.

I alerted the BCC to this issue and within days I had word back to say that they had ordered a whole new set of permits displaying non-discriminatory wording. Well done BCC!!



isn't that a golden plains parking permit?!

Amelia Mulqueen

Awesome work! We need to change people perspectives about people that that have disabilities and small changes like this make a big difference. People really need to consider how horrible the term "disabled person " sounds,it is victimizing . The word "person" should always be first because i'm certain the fact that they have a disability is not the most important aspect of who they are.

Robyn Perham

@ Emma - Hi Emma - it is, and isn't it good to know that some councils can get it right? Perhaps they have a very active and aware disability advisory group in operation, keeping this subject in the forefront of their minds?

It seems our BCC is one of the few that is still ridiculously resistant to the 20 year old legislation and the whole idea of equity and inclusion.