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Disability apartheid alive and well in Ballarat 1

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Disability apartheid alive and well in Ballarat
Robyn Perham seeking to contact fellow PWEA's.

The Ballarat City Council (BCC) have failed to provide people with disabilities with an all person accessible spa at the YMCA, even though they received funding claiming their intention was to do exactly that.

The BCC has not provided an equitable amount of disability parking to cope with the added need since the rehab pool went in. 

The BCC has not provided universally accessible toilets at Lake Learmonth or Lake Burrumbeet, although toilets for able-bodied people are present at Lake Learmonth.

Last week, the BCC openly and knowingly (before the fact) discriminated against me by going ahead with a planned Council Meeting at the Old Council Chambers in Learmonth. There were two other, accessible venues available.

I am starting a group called People Working for Equity of Access (PWEA) and I'm asking interested people to write to me with their complaint and their details C/- P.O. Box Learmonth. 3352.

Its time this council and its illegal practices (discrimination) were examined.  Please direct complaints to:

The Office of the Hon Jeanette Powell, Minister for Local Government, 


Robyn Perham

Update ~ the BCC have now provided an all person accessible demountable toilet at Lake Learmonth.

Does anyone know if there's one at Lake Burrumbeet as well?