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Free garden compost for all

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Free garden compost for all

Spring has sprung and, with beautiful weather forecast, what better way to spend the coming weekend than in the garden?

Lake weed currently being harvested from Lake Wendouree is available to collect free of charge so it's a perfect time to make compost for the gardens.

City of Ballarat Councillor Judy Verlin said gardening could be an enjoyable way of getting exercise, improving the presentation of our homes and enjoying the great outdoors.

"Now that residents' gardens have had the benefit of good rains over the last 12 months, and fine weather is forecast, it's the perfect time to get out in the garden".

Council has provided a collection site for residents to load lake weed in Gillies Street South, opposite the Transfer Station within Victoria Park.

Ballarat residents can get their gardens ready for the coming summer by adding compost to veggie gardens and mulching their tree and garden beds.

Lake weed can be turned every two days and within three weeks will be ready to boost soil's nutrient and water holding capacity. It will make heavy soils easier to dig and improve growth.

Lake weed can also be used to as a mulch layer to retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, improve water penetration and prevent soil crusting and compaction. A 200mm layer of lake weed will dry and form a 75mm mulch layer within weeks that can improve the root zone and discourage weeds.