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Julia Gillard: congratulations Hepburn Wind

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Julia Gillard: congratulations Hepburn Wind
Prime Minister Julia Gillard

It's a great honour to share this occasion with you because what you are doing is so important for the kind of planet we want our children and grandchildren to inherit.

I've spoken often about my hopes for a clean energy future, and we're just ending a long, tough process to embody that future in the law-books of this nation.

But the job isn't over.

It's only just begun because now it's time to make that clean energy future a reality.
With this wind farm that's exactly what you are doing.

As Australia's first community-owned wind farm, you've set a benchmark for other communities around Australia.

This is how so much of our energy is going to be generated in the future - not in far off power stations but in local communities, capturing the power nature gives us through the wind and the sun.

I know these decisions aren't always easy for regional communities because people want to protect the amenity that makes their region so attractive in the first place.

So it's great to see a community unite and take responsibility together. It's real leadership - the kind of leadership that speaks in actions, not words; the leader-ship that is unafraid of the future and the big decisions we need to take us there.

Congratulations on the launch and on all the self-belief and hard work that made it possible.

You have brought a clean energy future for Australia that little bit closer, and each of you should be very proud.