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Local Ballarat Artist Back from South Korea. 1

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Local Ballarat Artist Back from South Korea.
Dawn demonstrating at the festival in Korea

The Gangjin Ceramics Festival is an annual event that strengthens the cultural and artistic ties between South Korea and the international community. Part of the culture building initiative of the South Korean government, international artists are invited to participate in the festival by exhibiting and demonstrating their ceramic skills during the festival.  In return, the artists are treated to various workshops demonstrating local and traditional ceramic techniques.

Dawn spent two weeks in Korea, the first at the festival and the second travelling through South Korea on a ceramics tour which was partially subsidised by the South Korean government. Dawn recieved a Regional Arts Victoria quick response grant which also contributed to the travel expenses.

Since returning from Korea, Dawn has been developing new artworks in the studio inspired by her travel experience, which she hopes to exhibit locally next year. She is also introducing some new ideas into the ceramic classes and workshops she teaches from her studio in Dunnstown.

"The festival and tour in South Korea was an invaluable experience, not only from a professional development perspective, but also personally. I met lots of great ceramicists whom I am still in contact with. It was a great networking experience, and now I have places to stay around the world if I'm ever lucky enough to exhibit internationally."


Stephen Flynn

Hi Dawn,
that is a nice experience to have had..ceramics is such an old and international art form and utility function..
I am quite old now and have moved into this form of art expression only recently- and am aware of its breadth of both knowledge base and varied use- for me I hope to confine myself to sculpture of the figure and bust..which complements my use of pastel (hands on painting as it were).