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Rant & Rave


This week's rant rant rant, is for Ballarat's male drivers aged over 60.

You have nearly wiped me off the road several times this week alone.  I have had quite enough of you running give way signs, moseying around a round about without a signal to get off and just basically doing as you please in relation to the road rules with little regard to the safety of everyone else.

Look - I know a car gives you independence and that's great. But maybe it's time to start compulsory testing every year for people aged over 60.  They are just a danger on our roads. In fact, I'm all for compulsory testing of all ages every few years, it may actually be a good idea to keep some of these idiots of any age off our roads.

Here endith the rant.


For this week's Rave I would like to say a BIG thank to the Ballarat Council and other organisations around town for putting on so many FREE festivals and activities.

Sure everyone has a gripe about councils once in a while and they can bring us to pulling our hair out with certain matters, but really we are lucky to have people who actually want us to get off the couch on a weekend and have some fun, so please keep them coming and well done!


Fiddle Fingers

I think everyone should have to resit a driving test every 5 years. More often if you're over 60. Maybe yearly for the first 3 years, or while you're on your P's.


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