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With love, Shayna - Lemon Cordial 1

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With love, Shayna - Lemon Cordial
Lemon Cordial

Christmas is looming, so it's time to start getting organised - if you haven't done so already that is! If you're like me, you will always have the best intentions of being organised and making all sorts of cute and quaint gifts for your loved ones, but end up rushing gifts, not finishing gifts, or even worse.....purchasing gifts.

This week I made up some batches of lemon cordial infused with mint and ginger which has been decanted into small bottles purchased from Provincial Living. Originally I had planned to collect bottles from antique stores and op shops, however, after conducting a bit of research I realised that this may turn out to be time consuming, expensive and potentially dangerous as you never know what the bottles may have been used for in the past.

I quite relieved when I happened to pop into Provincial Living and found these bottles. It was last Friday....the afternoon when that massive thunderstorm and torrential down pour occurred. Of course I'd walked down from Armstrong Street, and got caught in the storm as I walked back up the hill with my heavy bag of bottles. I must have looked quite the sight in my 1950s attire (hair and all!) struggling against the wind and rain. I was so wet, my clothes could be rung out and my blue suede heels ran so badly they dyed my feet indigo. I felt a bit like Veruca Salt.

But it was worth it!




This article inspired me to make my own cordial for the first time. A trip down to get some oranges and in no time at all it was finished. And the cordial tasted great. Thanks for the great story.