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With love, Shayna - Pumpkin, date, orange brownies

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With love, Shayna - Pumpkin, date, orange brownies
Pumpkin, date and orange brownie

I had every intention of sharing something crafty with you this week; however things have been rather hectic due to my impending move to Ballarat. The cat has handled things quite well thus far, particularly considering the house has looked something like this for the last week or so!

None the less, I have managed to fit in a few of the obligatory school holiday activities... beauty appointments, shopping, social gatherings, baking...that sort of thing! After my hair appointment on Wednesday I went to Bonnie Rose at Vintage Garage in search of a party dress to wear to my birthday celebration this Friday. I wasn't desperately in need of another such dress, but I was delighted to find a stunning silver and blue brocade 1960s evening gown, which, after a minor alteration, will fit me perfectly. I also left with a cotton day dress circa 1950 - the thing about vintage is, if it's in good condition and it fits, you really must purchase it! good friends visited over the weekend to assist with packing and an impromptu garage sale, in honour of the occasion I decided to make some brownies inspired by a recipe I saw in the Autumn edition of Frankie. Their recipe was for ginger, pumpkin brownies, however, I didn't have any crystalized ginger so came up with my own version - a pumpkin, date and orange brownie. The pumpkin isn't noticeable in the brownie, rather, it adds to the moist texture. I allowed the chopped dates to sit in the melted butter and chocolate mixture whilst it cooled, which caused them to soften slightly. The orange adds a subtle zing, perfectly complimenting the rest of the flavours.

Try them, and see for yourself!