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With love, Shayna - Vegas and Rose 4

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With love, Shayna - Vegas and Rose
Vegas and Rose

Autumn - one of my favourite times of year. There's no thing lovelier than waking up after a jam packed, mentally exhausting week to a glorious sunrise promising blue skies, sunshine and a temperature mild enough to warrant my red and white gingham sundress.

Once the decadent weekend ritual of tea, reading, dozing, coffee and more reading (in bed) were done, I elected to don the aforementioned frock, strap on my red and white wedges, wrap my hair in a do-rag , apply red lipstick and head out in search of some brunch.

Several weeks ago a friend had mentioned a café on Humffray Street North. A café I had failed to notice despite my usually highly observant quirky café radar. I figured today was the perfect day to locate the mysterious café and sample their fare. I was far from disappointed!

Vegas and Rose is a little café with a relaxed, friendly vibe. Owned and run by Penthea Marshall-Radcliffe, its bright and cheery retro interior with a modern twist complements the disposition of the staff, whilst the vintage inspired products they have for sale (crockery, stationary, vintage wooded spools with bakers twine) and leather wallets and purses by Status Anxiety) contribute to the vibrant atmosphere.

With their Facebook page touting the muffin of the day (plum, rhubarb and vanilla) and conveying praise from delighted patrons: "...the Rose Syrup and mineral water (mine was a spider) with a side serve of mini rosewater cupcake-fabulous! Really enjoyed the experience x..." - Kelly F Davies. It's no wonder they are fast becoming a popular meeting place for locals.


The menu, presented on delightful little clipboards, isn't vast but contains all the old fashioned favourites including brownies, cupcakes, biscuits, muffins and a range of toasties. It's simple, but definitely worth writing home about due to the quality of the ingredients and the loving care that has clearly gone into their creation.


Whilst I didn't sample their sweet treats range, I was impressed by their coffee ("Coffee Supreme - of course") and their range of teas (by Larsen and Thompson). There are also bubbly beverages from the Hepburn Springs range, Rocket's Lemonade or Blood Orange Spiders (oh my!) and Italian nectar juices on offer.

Their toasties are made with a light, fluffy sourdough and if the tomato, bocconcini and house made pesto one is anything to go by, they are plump and juicy without that dripping effect I so often find accompanies toasties.

Though small, the space is well utilised with retro tables and chairs, display cabinets and a counter with wooden stools in the window; a smaller version (complete with books and toys) has thoughtfully been fitted to the wall for children. Speaking of children, Vegas and Rose is clearly child friendly. If the menu didn't give it away (no, it wasn't the spiders or cupcake, it was the babyccino), the Saturday morning clientele certainly did. It felt a little odd being in the minority... well actually... to be the only person without a small child as my brunch companion or enjoying the luxury of a child-free cup of coffee and a bite to eat with a friend. It was delightful though! Later research confirmed this café (named after the proprietor's children), is definitely an oasis where adults and children are equally welcome.

Perhaps the vibe of the café permeates its patrons (be they 32 or 2) so they too are relaxed, cheerful and friendly?


Bec Grigg

Yes this delightfully cheery cafe is fast becoming my one and only cafe for lunch, treats, retreat or real chai and newspaper reading! The tea cups even come to the table pre-heated! Hooray!


Thank you Shayna for such sweet words about our little cafe. We hope to see you again soon!


Fix the spelling mistake in the heading please! Might try to make it to Vegas & Rose when I'm down in Melbourne late May - sounds good!


Goodness! I can't believe nobody but my mum noticed the error in the heading! How very embarrassing. My profound apologies!