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Yum - Ballarat Indian Restaurant
Ballarat Indian Restaurant

I don't like Wednesdays. It always seems like we look at each other and ask "what's for dinner?", followed by blank looks. In cases like this we decide to get something tasty that we didn't cook ourselves, which usually ends up being Indian. Looking for something other than our regular place, we took the chance and went to Ballarat Indian Restaurant at the far end of Eureka Street.

For those looking to eat in, the restaurant looks like 90% of the Indian places in Australia - traditional Indian pictures on the walls, simple tables, and Bollywood music playing. We ordered our regular choices; chicken vindaloo, lamb korma, rice and naan. I guess there are advantages of comparing apples with apples, but as regular diners of Indian know each chef has their own interpretation of the same dish.

Let me begin a recount of the food by saying the vindaloo was hot. I'd put it at 8 out of 10, and far too hot for those who normally indulge in butter chicken. It looks as fiery as it tastes, presenting a vivid and deep red colour as a challenge to all-comers. As far as flavour, it wasn't the tastiest I have had but definitely not the worst, and the familiar flavours of vinegar and tamarind were there. The korma was a bit warmer than other variations, and rather than the heroic nutty flavour, dominating tastes of tomato came through more. The lamb was a bit inconsistent, with some pieces being tough whilst others were nice and tender. The rice was fluffy, but the naan was too flaky and not rich and doughy as we prefer.

Overall, for around $30, we were happy with our meal. While they do deliver, we were told we would be waiting for over an hour if we wanted to not have to leave the house, even on a Wednesday night. It may be a bit of a hike for many residents of Ballarat, however those in and around Eureka have access to a good Indian restaurant. With plenty more on the menu, we will be back, maybe next Wednesday.




We had dinner there tonight (18/11/2011) It was outstanding. It ticks all boxes of affordable, authentic, aromatic, comfortable, friendly and an experience to enjoy. Thank you! Gav and Lee.

David Adams

Hi, was wondering if anyone has had a chance to try the new indian restaurant in Ballarat called "The Chilli Tree"? A few of my friends have been there and they have absolutely loved it..


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