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Yum - Charcoal Chicken on Victoria 2 Business List

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Yum - Charcoal Chicken on Victoria
Charcoal Chicken on Victoria

I remember as a kid charcoal chicken used to be the norm. I don't think it would be cheap or easy to cook chicken using hot coals, or pleasant during summer, and this is reflected by the fact that charcoal chicken is now as rare as hen's teeth. Charcoal Chicken on Victoria still cooks their chickens in a smokey shop with the coals on display. There is something romantic and nostalgic about charcoal chicken. A visit to the shop is a treat to the senses; seeing the glowing embers, smelling the intoxicating smoke, and hearing the juices from the chicken sizzle as they drip onto the charcoal.

Their competition comes from the major supermarket in the same car park on Victoria Street. They compete with the shopping giant on price, with a whole chicken costing $13. As far as taste goes there is no competition. Supermarket roast chicken will always have the handicap of not being imparted with the charcoal flavour. This is the allure of charcoal chicken, and Charcoal Chicken on Victoria definitely has it.

Accompanying our half-chicken and chips was some fresh bread from the bakery, salad, and chutney. The chicken is moist, tasty, and fulfilling. It comes with stuffing that is a tempting combination of bread and herbs. The chips have a crunchy-salt-seasoning that is not overpowering but create a crunchy texture that I can't find elsewhere in Ballarat. They are incredibly morish and served generously in the lunch pack we tried. Other options from the store are a variety of salads, potato bake, drinks, and lunch platters.

We adjourned to the park to enjoy our picnic in the rare Ballarat sunshine. We couldn't ask for anything else; family, simple and tasty food, and the sun on our backs.




Live coals ... VERY impressive!


Chicken was delicious! Chips truly are the best in Ballarat! Great customer service all round.


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