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Kate Taylor

Crossing over from the dark side... PR... five years ago, Kate Taylor found herself looking for something to do. She turned to the only thing that keeps talented writers lacking the required tortured soul of a commercially profitable novellist, fed. Journalism. A devoted news junkie who works from home writing for a newspaper and a magazine, and who enjoys creating imaginary work colleagues based on an unlikely cross between the cast of Mad men and John Cleese, Kate takes current issues and drags them kicking and screaming into LOCAL relevance.

Articles By Kate Taylor

The Power Of One Vs The Might Of Another

The Power Of One Vs The Might Of Another Author: Kate TaylorCategories: Issues, Stories, Editorial

More than 120 Catholic priests and Brothers have been convicted of child abuse crimes in Australia. 40 victims have taken their own lives. Both numbers look set to increase.  It's an epidemic we can learn from.  The older generations say that's just how it used to be.  The younger gen

Help Run Ballarat Right

Help Run Ballarat Right Author: Kate TaylorCategories: Issues, Stories, Community, Politics

Maybe, just maybe, Farnsy was onto something. Among all those bagpipes, maybe there was a message that we should all be taking on board now. Maybe you're the voice. Maybe you should try and understand it. Then make it loud and make it clear. And one of the best ways to do that, is as a councillor.

Having your coal and mining it too Author: Kate TaylorCategories: Issues, Stories, Environment

The fact is, mining companies have the legal right to enter properties - anyone's property - for mining purposes.  They can stand on the land someone else owns and purge it of anything worthwhile under its surface. Mantle Mining is currently conducting exploratory drilling with the aim of extra

Once Were Warriors

Once Were Warriors Author: Kate TaylorCategories: Issues, Stories, Editorial

We used to be a people that championed causes. If there was an underdog, we'd back ‘em. Women not allowed the right to vote? We'll fix that, we said. Don't like the war in Vietnam? We'll rally, rally, rally. Nuclear testing? Hell no, we cried. National outcry was a matter of pride. Now it

One For The Money

One For The Money Author: Kate TaylorCategories: Issues, Stories, Community

The Global Financial Crisis has hit philanthropy hard in Ballarat; not only has there been a marked drop-off in the larger, infrequent donations that the Foundation is based on, but the return they get from investing that donated capital had dropped from an estimated 10 to 20 per cent per annum pre-

...and then a step to the right

...and then a step to the right Author: Kate TaylorCategories: Issues, Stories, Politics, Editorial

How the rise of independent online media threatens to give way to the fall of journalistic ethics and responsibility. No, no, no, don't click the ‘back' button yet, I may not have an appearance by George Clooney like the Kony 2012 campaign but this stuff is important, and it's all about you.

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