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Shaun and Lisa Williams

Shaun and Lisa have spent much of their 20s (and their earnings) travelling on the whims of their stomachs. Wherever there was an aromatic waft of something delicious, they were there to try the local cuisine. This love of food and the search for the perfectly palatable platter continues, albeit in less exotic locations. Joined now by little Piper who (much to the dismay of grandparents when she has Indian smeared all over her face) partakes when it suits her, the three will share their experiences of the local fare on offer in Ballarat and the surrounding regions.

Articles By Shaun and Lisa Williams

Ballarat: Golfer's Paradise

Ballarat: Golfer's Paradise Author: Shaun and Lisa WilliamsCategories: Stories, Sport

With three golf courses in Ballarat, Creswick and Buninyong next door, and a great selection of courses within reach, the average golfer in Ballarat is spoilt for choice, options and quality. With Spring upon us and Summer approaching, read on for a guide on where to tee up your next round.

Yum - Lucky Man Pizza

Yum - Lucky Man Pizza Author: Shaun and Lisa WilliamsCategories: Food, Take Away

Shaun and Lisa sample the wares of Lucky Man Pizza in search of the perfect pizza. When it comes to the small pizza store that make their pizzas as they feel, it can be hit and miss. The best pizzas come from these stores, but unfortunately so too do the worst ones. We decided to try our luck at Lu

Travel - Mornington Peninsula

Travel - Mornington Peninsula Author: Shaun and Lisa WilliamsCategories: Stories

School holidays are here! Shaun, Lisa and Piper made a pre-emptive strike and headed to the Mornington Peninsula for a family getaway last week before the rush of school kids and their parents. Check out their article to see what they saw, did and ate while they were away.

Yum - Asahi

Yum - Asahi Author: Shaun and Lisa WilliamsCategories: Food, Restaurants

This week Shaun and Lisa had the chance to sample some Japanese at Asahi on Humffray Street with little Piper in tow.  Read their article to see what the three opinions were of this restaurant.

Yum in Melbourne

Yum in Melbourne Author: Shaun and Lisa WilliamsCategories: Food, Restaurants

Shaun and Lisa visited Melbourne this week for a spot of shopping and food. This week's edition of Yum showcases the food on offer in Melbourne, whether it is a quick bite, dinner, or a watering hole to fill up in between shops.

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